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Our Approach

Unlock A Competitive Edge.
Outmaneuver The Competition.
Reach New Customers.

We Empower Local Businesses With First-Party Data, Advanced Targeting Strategies, and Agile Marketing Techniques To Efficiently Reach Your Ideal Prospects.

At 3DR Communications, our approach prioritizes first-party data capture using Google Tag Manager, enabling local businesses to effectively compete with larger, deep pocketed competitors. Our strategy focuses on market reconnaissance, user behavior and conversion tracking. This creates a feedback loop vital for Smart Bidding, maximizing volume, quality and lower cost conversions as we adapt to the shift away from third-party cookies.

We take an integrated Google Ads full-funnel strategy, analyzing every customer interaction in an effort to optimize user focused text, video, and/or blog content, especially on YouTube. This approach enables us to help your business skillfully navigate the market, using real-time data for agile marketing strategies.